Top 5 Reasons to Use High-Quality Glass Windows and Doors In the Tropics

Since its inception, Tropical Glazing Solutions has stressed the importance of utilizing quality glass, windows, and doors when constructing buildings in the Caribbean. With warm, salty waters surrounding every side of the beautiful islands, the Caribbean is constantly at high risk of powerful tropical storms and hurricanes. Wind speeds in excess of 150 mph, buildings that may seem to be structurally sound can quickly be reduced to a pile of raw materials on the ground.


For this reason, a property owner in the Caribbean can only reach peace of mind by ensuring that his or her building is fitted with durable products that are built to withstand even the strongest of storms. Here are five reasons why it is imperative that buildings in the tropics are fitted with high-quality glass windows and doors. 


Reason 1: Protection from flying debris. 

During hurricanes, wind speeds are strong enough to uproot trees and turn any loose object into a missile. In turn, any nearby structure stands the chance of being in the direct path of flying debris. If a cheap glass window or door is hit by an object moving at a speed of 80 or more mph, it is bound to shatter into countless pieces. Not only does this cause a financial burden in the sense that the window or door needs to be replaced, but it also leaves the interior of the building vulnerable to the outside forces. 



Reason 2: Structural integrity of building foundation and roof. 

If a glass window or door is destroyed during a storm, a number of problems arise. For starters, the inside of the building will inevitably get rearranged from the invading wind. All of the contents of the building may also get soaked from the intense rain that accompanies the wind during severe storms. To make matters worse, if intense winds have an opening to enter a building, they may be able to completely blow the roof off of the structure. This increases the chances of the building falling to the ground completely. 



Reason 3: Elimination of the need to shutter up.

Having to prepare a building for an approaching storm can be quite the hassle. If the glass windows and doors are not strong enough to withstand high wind speeds, the owner of the building will need to take the time to attach metal shutters in order to protect them. This ends of costing the owner both time and money. To further complicate the situation, the inhabitants of the building will have to live in complete darkness during the storm, as the shutters typically block out all daylight. 



Reason 4: Lower insurance costs.

In areas prone to hurricanes, insurance agencies are inclined to offer savings for insurance policies taken out on buildings with hurricane-impact windows. This is because the chance of damage is significantly reduced when a building is fitted with glass windows and doors that are strong enough to withstand strong winds and impact from debris. With high-quality glass windows and doors, one can save money by suffering less damage and by lowering his or her insurance costs. 



Reason 5: Peace of mind.

Hurricanes cause extreme amounts of stress and anxiety. Countless hours of planning, tracking the storm, gathering supplies, and preparing one's home must be done before the storm arrives. If the approaching storm is strong enough, individuals in its path may even need to prepare an evacuation plan. With all of the uncertainties and dangers surrounding a hurricane, it is ideal for the owner of a building to be able to rest assured that the integrity of the structure is ready to brave even the strongest of storms. With high-quality glass windows and doors, a building or home owner can have peace of mind that their structure will still be standing once the storm passes.  



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