Our Mission

Our mission is to source and provide the highest quality glass, windows, and doors for use in the Caribbean. With the harsh weather conditions of the Caribbean, it is crucial that our clients have access to products that will help them and their buildings survive even the strongest of storms.

Tropical Glazing Solutions is the premier distributor for high quality glass, windows, and doors in the Caribbean.
— John Smith

Our History

Tropical Glazing Solutions (TGS) is your source for high quality door, window, and glazing products that are designed and tested to withstand the harsh environmental conditions found in the Caribbean and Central America. TGS was created in 2005 as an outlet for clients to call on for an experienced and knowledgeable source for glazing products that have been designed, tested, and proven to last in the tropics. We combine over 4 decades of experience in the tropical glazing field and we work closely with manufacturers in the America’s (Canada, Central America, and USA) and Europe to bring products to the market that will meet our client’s requests and expectations to ensure long lasting beautiful high performance products.